Allocated channels organization

Leased channels – Telecom’s most common service. It is an alternative to “dirk fiber”.

Many companies for smooth running business need reliable network to connect offices, data-centers and other points. If a company haven’t enough professional stuff to serve the net, it will be a proper decision to rent allocated channels.

We offer stable connection and undertake all technical issues related to network running.

Our company invested in huge vendor’s routing equipment, such as Juniper, HP. Our comcenters located in data-centers. They creates core with transfer capability more than 100 Gb/sec.

Telecom’s channels reserving in network’s core, in some cases in customer’s devices. Undoubtedly, it uses reserved fiber rout.

Lease of communication channel depends on its technical options, for instance, transfer capability. It can vary from 1mb/s to required speed.


  • Huge vendor’s top rated equipment (Juniper and HP).
  • All comcenters are reserved and located in data-centers.
  • Network’s core with transfer capability more than 100 Gb/s +.