Financial network

We created data network among financial market target group. It allows linking up to any participant with the help of allocated channels and high-capacity junctions.

Some examples for illustration purposes:

#1: A bank wants to connect several payment systems and to companies, which provide credit histories. It gets all services in a single junction instead of huge amount of allocated channels.

#2: A payment system gets regular applications for direct connections from banks, but it has no opportunity to give standardized solution. This payment system offers to use a junction and “Telecom” as a carrier for connection to virtual circuit.

We are pleasantly surprised that the results exceeded all expectations, despite that this service is not a great 21st century invention. Today dozen of banks and partners take part in “tб_Finance net”; most of them are in top 50-bank rating.  

We assemble the junction based on L2 Ethernet with capacity of 1 or 10 gb/sec in any appropriate data center. In what follows, we shall register virtual circuit (VLAN) certain capacity (1-10-100 Mb/sec).

There is a fiber optic net among all Moscow’s data-centers with two or more cables in each. Net’s L2 core based on 8 key fiber links, works by “ring”-principle with total capacity of 200gb/sec.


  • Junctions installing cost is free for non-banking organizations. It requires the only physical port.
  • It is great solution to protect public connections during massive ddos attacks, problems with carrier’s network, etc.
  • It is possible to connect to any organizations: from carriers to financial companies using high-capacity junction.