Mail.Ru Group - one of the largest internet-companies in Europe. The company own leading e-mail service and Russian-speaking social networks.

Partnership history

Partnership began with two small projects. “Telecom” completed them and proved itself as a reliable partner. In one case, Mail.Ru Group asked for high-capacity junctions with carriers for diversification traffic purchase. There were some difficulties, but “Telecom” settled them on time.

When “Mail.Ru Group” moved to a new office, they applied for “Telecom” again. At that time, it was necessary to provide communication services, and complete infrastructure settings in three weeks. Despite that, it usually takes much more time for such complicated projects; “Telecom” did it on time as well.

In cooperation, “Telecom” gathered five data-centers with a reserve to create mutual infrastructure. We used more than 500 km fiber-optic circuits and built 5 km of underground conduits.


“It is grave responsibility to work for such high-profile client. Nevertheless, we ensured smooth services operation of the company.”


Alexander VahtinCEO
“Telecom Exchange”


“Mail.Ru Group” - major “Telecom’s” partner for today. “Company’s specialists solve labour issues rapidly as well as highly qualified, - says Mail.Ru Group representative. – “We have a partner that can solve diverse tasks that regularly and in large numbers emerge in our company”

Thanks for the work.