Tinkoff Bank

Tinkoff Bank – innovative financial services provider. The company serves clients online without branch establishments.

Partnership history

Bank’s specific means a professional IT-crew, precise choice for IT-solutions providers. Innovative bank needs especially reliable IT-infrastructure for an efficient work. Telecom-carrier have to realize all responsibility.

The first thing, which “Telecom” made for the bank, was communication services reserving in head office. City work to expand the roadway damaged all the cables. “Telecom” built new underground conduits and provided “dark fiber” to bank’s data-center.

Next step we made was a connection via allocated channels to bank’s contractors: loan offices, payment systems and processing company. “It was difficult to complete the project because of tight budget and individual discussions with each contractor. It was the only proper decision to create whole the product”, – says Alexander Vahtin. CEO “Telecom”

In 2014, “Telecom” was given a new task. We should built the only reserved connection infrastructure based on fibers with SLA (Service Level Agreement). “We were satisfied with the “Telecom” work, which reserved connection services in one of our offices. That is why, when we got another task, we applied to the carrier again.”, - says “Tinkoff Bank” representative.


Since any project we start with an analysis of the current situation, we have a working group was assembled, which included five of our employees and two employees of the Bank.


Alexander VahtinCEO
“Telecom Exchange”

We have been analyzing of current bank system and developing a solution for three weeks. This solution includes all the bank’s specifications: safety, clarity, flexibility. As a result, we used 200km of fiber-optic circuits, built 2km of underground conduits and use 20 gb/sec networks. From solution development to its introduction past six months.

“We appreciate quality and speed while working with our partners. We found all these features in “Telecom”. The company always fulfill its obligations. Support team as well as “Telecom” stockholder are ready to help”, - says Tinkoff Bank” representative.