About us

"Telecom exchange" – service provider possessing in Moscow own fiber-optic network with a total length of 1000 km. We set up in each key traffic exchange points, data centers and in nearly 300 A/B-class offices connecting them with contingency routes.

Company's resources are offered for sale and leasing to the partners such as: cellular carriers, data-center holders and their clients to firms directly to build own networks.



There are Internet and financial companies, content services, media holdings and others are among our clients, who appreciate stable, quality connection for running business.

"Telecom" maintains partnership with large construction firms and developers helps them to solve all kind of cases connected with technical infrastructure of new buildings: offices, data-centers, traffic interchanges and other projects.

We work individually with each client, choose appropriate solutions, which fits exactly their aims, and have effective price.

Our advantages

  • We create fiber-optic circuits independently

    That helps us to control quality inside out. Our crew is high qualified. Most of us has a great experience in leading large business. Deadlines, budgets, graphics means a lot for our engineers.


  • Infrastructural carrier

    We have no aim to sell another unnecessary messenger. We focused on 'infrastructural carrier' model and developing it for ten years. That is why we can claim surely that we know telecommunications better than the others do.

  • Individual projects

    "Telecom» specializes with complicated projects. We know how to create infrastructure for large companies, which demand precisely connection.

  • Long-term relationship

    We have a long-term relationship with each company and maintain them for real. That is why no one leaves us. You can easily check the clients list in special section.

  • Honest work

    The structure and business-processes were made with best practices. Loyalty, responsibility – our work basic principle. We finish every project on time: no hidden expanses or delivery time violation.

  • Appropriate actions

    Many building companies recently became local exchange carriers with specific drawbacks. Our business was built in another way. That means special attitude to clients, legal registrations.

Our team

Looking back on track, I understand that is was a proper decision to join "telecom" in 2011. 'Project' is wrapped with buzzwords, mostly it was a gamble. On the other hand, one-step out of obscurity or some might say: "comfort zone" – is a kind of risk. I am not saying about three simple rules of successful business, six inward commandments, seven mottos and other stamps, but I can figure out some points:

  • if you think sometime and work hard, you will get good results!
  • Risk and 'good results' are the same things. That's why, don't decline the risk – this is an opportunity to take as a basis!
  • Find someone, who is on the same page with you to undertake 'fear'!  

Thanks to our crew, which made of a venture real business. We have a lot of hopes and ambitions. We go ahead every day!

Alexander Vahtin CEO
Telecom exchange

Telecom has a developed infrastructure in Moscow

  • Optic network 96, 128 fibers based on HP and Juniper equipment
  • Presence in each key internet exchange points and major data centers
  • FTTB (fiber to the building) in 350+ premium offices (A/B)